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  In The Finite Multiverse I computer-painted a picture to illustrate my point that not every conceivable universe can, in fact, exist.  My picture was the clock tower of Big Ben draped with a vast Nazi swastika flag.  Now the BBC have a trailer for a miniseries they’re going to run this month – and […]

Wave Function Collapse

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I get the New Scientist magazine every week.  The front cover usually shows the headline of the main feature inside.  Often, this describes a fundamental idea about quantum theory, newly published on arXiv or in one of the print journals.  This probably shouldn’t be surprising, in spite of the fact that the theory’s roots are […]

All time is unredeemable

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Most papers that are published on arXiv or in paper journals carry a line under the author’s name telling you how to contact them.  Generally, this is the address of the institution, typically a university, where the author did the work, and this can include their email address.  Of course, being retired, I had no […]

The Cathedral of Learning

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  Professor Ramin Zahedi of Hokkaido University, who so kindly endorsed my original submission to the Cornell University arXiv site, also encouraged me to submit the paper to the PhilSci archive hosted by the University of Pittsburgh. I have to admit that I wasn’t familiar with this archive, although I had occasionally come across it […]

Waiting for Gödel

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Candidly, I’ve lived with the idea of reality being purely a mathematical structure for so long that I’ve forgotten what it felt like before the penny first dropped. I owe my Damascene conversion in 1980 to Douglas Hofstadter’s brilliant, Pulitzer-Prize-winning book, Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, which was written primarily to explain the […]